Nokia, Along With Microsoft, Is Doing Something New, Cool And Different From iPhone And Android Hot

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Augmented reality modifies the real world with digitial information. It enhances your current view of reality.
Nokia, Microsoft’s smartphone partner, is rolling out a new app for its Luimia phone models to easily find all the places you want to go.
On your phone’s camera display, City Lens instantly reveals what you’re looking for — whether it’s down the street or around the corner. Just tap your chosen destination on your screen to get walking directions, make a reservation, or more detailed information about your locale.  
So if you are on a street and looking for the nearest sushi restaurant, you see the names of all the restaurants on your display and can drill down on any of them to see reviews and menus.
What makes this really interesting is that I have not written about Nokia or the Windows mobile platform in a long, long time. But Nokia, along with Microsoft, is doing something new, cool and different from iOS and Android.

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