Comprehensive Review Finds BlackBerry 7 Operating System Disappointing, But Ironically Makes RIM More Likely To Be Bought Hot

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BlackBerry has been playing catch-up with Google's Andriod and Apple's iOS for a couple of years now. 


This latest release of the BlackBerry OS, which debuted a couple of weeks ago, was initially met with disappointment. But now the more in-depth reviews are appearing, and it is not good news for RIM. 


PC World says Blackerry 7 has some cool new features, like support for near field communication (NFC), which turns your phone into a wallet and swap information with another phone that supports NFC without any wires. But overall, the PC World review is basically sounding a death knell to RIM unless its next generation operating system, QNX, which debuts next year, is great.


The New York Times noted yesterday that RIM's shares have shot up about 10% since Google announced Monday a deal to buy Motorola Mobility. If RIM continues to lag behind its rivals, it becomes more likely to get bought out.

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