Ever Text And Drive? Here Are Eight Speech Recognition Apps; Who’s Using A Voice Recognition App That Works Well? Hot

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I walked away from voice recognition software about five years ago. There was always some problem so it wasn’t worth the hassle.

But this morning’s PC World says smart phones are better listeners now. 
According to this writer, speech recognition apps are no longer a hassle.
Crediting Google’s Android and Apple iOS’s with the improved lot of speech recognition apps, eight such apps are discussed in brief. 
in addition to an unnecessarily friendly tone, the article does little more than list the field of voice recognition apps, and it fails to tell us which voice recognition apps are best. 
But texting while driving is incredibly dangerous. Even if you’ve seen studies showing how it significantly increases the risk of a bad accident, it’s common to think you can do it safely.
Wisely, New York Governor Cuomo last week signed a law cracking down on drivers texting. So I’m going to need a reliable voice recognition app.
For all these reasons, I'm asking you to let us know if you're using a voice recogition app that works.
Please take a minute to share your experience, good or bad.


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