Android Is Destroying Everyone, Especially RIM -- iPhone Dead In Water Hot

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I have been a loyal blackberry user for many years and finaly made a switch to a new device.  My switch to this new device was easier for me as I have been using the iPad for about 6 months and yes I chose the iPhone.  


So far the experience has been fantastic and I have seen an improvement in productivity.  My CRM has an app, my enterprise email was easy to setup.


However, I do agree with the article above in reference to apple's long term viability as we are starting to seeing signs of history repeating itself. 


Between the android picking up momentum in the phone market and windows 8 ariving in the tablet market it will be interesting to see how apple responds.  I am a big fan of the iPad (version 1) but i am not seeing the value of moving to the iPad 2 just yet.

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