Worried About Radiation Emitted From Your Cell Phone? There's An App For That Hot

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Today's New York Times today featured a story about how radiation from cell phones may alter your brain, which is sure to reignite the debate about whether long-term exposure to small amounts of radiation is damaging to your health.


With events at Japan's nuclear reactors making everyone think a little more about radiation exposure--even though cell phones and nuclear power plants are totally unrelated---The Times article makes you want do what yo can to minimize your exposure--just in case years from now we learn that mobile phones do in some way affect health.  


Easy fixes are using a wired earpiece, which is the most practical remedy, or a Bluetooth device. You can also use the speaker on your phone. Holding the phone an inch away from yor eas is also recommended.


But for those of you who really want to be careful, check out Tawkon


Tawkon claims to be "the only application that immediately recognizes when radiation exposure has increased, alerts you when radiation levels cross a predefined threshold, and provides simple, non-intrusive suggestions to reduce exposure to radiation.


Tawkon is available for the major smartphone operatng systems--BlackBerry, Apple iOS, Android, and Windows Phone 7, and you need to download the verson of the app pre-configured to work on your model.



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