RIM's BlackBerry Protect App Is In Beta And Good For Advisors Hot

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BlackBerry says you can now install BlackBerry Protect for free from the BlackBerry App World™ Test Center.


According to RIM, BlackBerry Protect helps you find your smartphone and protect your important information by:

  • Assisting in locating your BlackBerry smartphone on a map via GPS and cell-tower triangulation
  • Locking and setting a device password
  • Activating a special loud ring to help find your smartphone, even if it’s in silent mode
  • Displaying a custom message on the home screen so that anyone who finds it knows how to return it
  • Forcing an instant wireless backup of data even when you don’t have the smartphone with you
  • And as a last resort, securely wiping all information from your BlackBerry smartphone, including the data from your SD card.
Additionally, the new wireless backup and restore features include:
  • Automatically, periodically and wirelessly backing up your contacts, calendar appointments, memos, tasks, browser bookmarks, and text messages
  • Optionally restricting backup to when within Wi-Fi® coverage or disable backup when roaming
  • Wirelessly restoring backed up data to a new BlackBerry smartphone

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