Why Is AT&T Making A Big Deal About Not Being Able To Surf The Web And Talk On Verizon iPhone? Hot

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AT&T in an email ad to users is calling attention to the fact that Verizon's CDMA network won't allow you to speak on the phone and browse the web. It's GSM network can do that.


Sure, I'd prefer to be able to look at movie times while I'm trying to arrange a time to meet friends at the theatre. But it's an inconvenience I can live with.


Lousy service and dropped calls--the main criticisms of AT&T--is not something I can live with!


I have to admit that it has been years since I used AT&T. But about 10 years ago when I switched to Verizon, after trying out AT&T and other providers for a few years, I really appreciated the reliable service from Verizon. 


Isn't AT&T just playing into Verizon's hands?


I still hear complaints from AT&T users but would love to hear fro A4A users. If you're on AT&T and feel the service is reliable, please speak up. Would love to know.


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