An Efficient Approach to Mobile Messaging

I have a problem with texting; it's not a terribly efficient method to send messages to others.

As an alternative, I've been using the Dragon Dictation app on my iPad to perform speech-to-text conversion so I don't need to type anything in for my messages.

I can speak two to three times faster than I can type or text. But still, I have to correct some of the words Dragon translates, and either send the message from inside Dragon or copy and paste the text into my text messaging window.

With a new mobile app called HeyTell, you can now avoid the cumbersome text messaging steps.

With HeyTell installed, just hold down the talk button and record your message. Choose the recipient to send the message and you're done. Your recipient gets a push notification and can listen to your message inside the HeyTell app.

I like the ability to send messages without having to touch a keyboard. While I am a competent typist, nothing beats the speed of being able to dictate and record your messages.

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