Microsoft's TV Ads Make Me Want To Try A Chromebook

Microsoft's TV ads often mock the competition, but it's making me want to go out and buy a Chromebook.    Microsoft is running a negative ad campaign promoting its ultraportable laptops at the expense of Google Chromebook. It actually names Giigle and Chromebook, which is a pretty bold and cocky move for any company.   The ad features "man on the street" interviews conducted in Venice Beach, Cal., by a Microsoft spokesman.

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Good Deal: Vizio 65" E650i-A2 Smart LED HD TV 1080p HDMI Built-in WiFi Internet Apps

This is a good deal if you are looking for a TV for the office for client presentations or a video studio.   It is a refurb but the seller has high ratings and it's low priced for a "smart" 65 inch TV. You's generally pay $1200 to $1400 for a new 65" 120Hz TV.  

The New Surface Is Coming Out October 22, Should You Get One?

Has Microsoft hit a homerun with the new line of Surface tablets?  The original Surface RT and Surface Pro were released in 2012 and met with a lukewarm reception.  Recent reports however, are indicating that the new Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 almost sold out.  When October 22 comes should you be standing outside the store waiting for it to open to buy one of these new tablets?

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Do You Think Smart Watches Are Actually Going To Catch On?

At first glance I would have thought the answer would be no, but after purchasing one and using it for a while, I was quite surprised at how useful a smart watch can be.

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Good Deal On A Powerful UltraHIgh Def Touch Screen PC With A Haswell i7 Quad Core Processor

  If you’ve been looking for a new PC, here’s a darn good deal for an advisor: a Dell 27-inch touch screen all-in-one computer with a Haswell i7 quad core processor and ultra-definition monitor for $2000. But time to get this deal is running out.

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