Apple's Hard Drive Replacement Program Now Covers iMacs Sold From 2009 To 2011

by agluck     October 15, 2012      0.0 (0) Apple's hard drive replacement program for 2011 iMacs has been expanded after discovering even more machines may be affected. The company has updated its support page about the program to note the 1TB Seagate hard drives could be faulty in iMacs sold as early as October 2009, says ARS Technica Apple will offer free replacement hard drives to a

Black Box Crash Recorders Move A Step Close To Becoming Standard Equipment In Autos

by agluck     August 16, 2012      0.0 (0) New federal standards for "black boxes" that record information leading up to auto accidents will will take effect Sept. 1, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) ruled on Tuesday.   According to The Hill, the decision means the new standards for the devices will not be delayed by one year, as automakers ha

Reviewer Calls New Pocketable Sony Camera "The Best All-Around Compact Camera" Ever

by agluck     July 28, 2012      0.0 (0) "Sony's RX100 is nothing short of the best all-around compact camera I've ever seen," says a review on The Verge. "It's really no exaggeration to say that it produces images roughly on par with an average DSLR and kit lens combination, making this a revolutionary camera that means you'll always be in a situation where you can take ge

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Answering A VOIP Phone Remotely Is Convenient And Possible With Headset-Lifter Software, But You Need To Ask The Right Questions To Set It Up

by agluck     July 23, 2012      0.0 (0) Advisors increasingly are moving to (VOIP) voice over Internet protocol phone systems, which often means using software as a phone, a “softphone.” Some software-phones allow you to answer or hang up on a call from wherever you are in your office. That’s cool and convenient.

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For Advisors Shopping For A Tablet, Microsoft’s Upcoming Release Of Surface Pro Is Worth Waiting For

by agluck     July 23, 2012      0.0 (0) Competition among tablets keeps growing and is pretty confusing. Most advisors, however, since they use a Windows operating system for work, would be wise to wait and watch for the Microsoft Surface Pro.

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