Microsoft Surface Pro Is Revolutionary But Far From Perfect

by agluck     April 16, 2013      0.0 (0) I’ve been using the Microsoft Surface Pro for two months now. It’s revolutionary but not great. Surface Pro is both a laptop and tablet in one device. That’s revolutionary. At $1,200, it’s inexpensive for a PC but expensive for a tablet. With a 1.5 GHz Intel i5 processor, it runs the full suite of Microsoft Office produc

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Dell XPS 18 All-In-One Is An 18 Inch Windows 8 Tablet And PC And An Example Of How Computer Buying Is Totally Changed By Windows 8

by agluck     March 13, 2013      0.0 (0) Computer-buying has been totally changed with the release of Windows 8. It used to be that you had laptops, desktops and tablets to consider. They were three distinct categories. Now, the differences among those three categories have all been blurred. You need to spend time figuring out what kind of computer you need before buying anything.  

Chromebook Pixel, The New Laptop From Google, Offers Great Hardware But Falls Short Because It Runs on Google’s Operating System

by agluck     March 09, 2013      0.0 (0) Google has manufactured a great piece of hardware, but it makes no sense because it still only runs Google Apps, which does not offer the functionality professional users demand for work. That the conclusion of a review from ARS Technica, the respected tech site

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If You Keep Spilling Drinks On Your Keyboard, Try This Inexpensive, Highly Rated And Washable Keyboard

by agluck     March 07, 2013      0.0 (0) I recently bought myself a new keyboard, not the one I am about to tell you about, however. I bought  a wireless mobile keyboard to use around the house with my Surface Pro. But if you're in the market for a full sized keyboard that you can wash, check this out.

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Microsoft Botches Surface Pro Launch In Blizzard-Hit Northeast And Screws Many Of Its Most Loyal Fans; Reports Across The Country That Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB Can't Be Found

by agluck     February 09, 2013      0.0 (0) Microsoft screwed up the launch of Surface Pro today and screwed many of its most loyal customers. I waited for an hour today for the Microsoft kiosk at Roosevelt Field Mall in Nassau County, Long Island, to open. While other people came and went, a woman who was nine months pregnant and a soon-to-be-married woman waited with me. Both of them w

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