Buying a Mac in Financial Services

by bwarrene     January 27, 2010      0.0 (0)  Apple continues to get traction with financial professionals as more and more service providers shift to web-based offerings that are agnostic when it comes to the type of computer you use. I continue to get a decent share of questions from those who know or discover I am a heavy Mac user - on getting a Mac with the optimal setup to accommod

A Theory on eBook Readers

by bwarrene     December 18, 2009      0.0 (0) I have been writing about e-readers for about a year now. In recent months I have also had discussions with financial services executives about the digital devices and some real world scenarios. As some background - the e-reader is a digital device that is handheld and can carry a large number of full length books and other publications in m

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Hardware For Protecting Client Data: A Highly Rated And Fun Webinar

by agluck     December 06, 2009      0.0 (0)   Advisors who attended last Friday’s webinar on secure hardware generally gave the session very high ratings. And we managed to have some with this very serious topic when we raffled products provided by each of the vendors. Before the session, I wrote down a series of numbers between 1 and 100 and attendees chatted in guesses. (Though

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