Good Deal: 3TB External External Storage Drive For Just $100

The Seagate Expansion 3 TB USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive for just $99.99 at Amazon right now.   This matches the lowest price to date on this 4-star rated external HDD.    

BlackBerry Is So Done

For any die-hard BlackBerry fans, this is the nail in the coffin.   While boasting that it has more than 100,000 apps on its mobile store, the leader of the smartphone manufacturers just a few years ago, has more than a third of its apps coming from a single developer.   BlackBerry has secured its place in management infamy.

Microsoft Cutting Price Of Surface RT Tablets

Micorost is making way for a new Surface RT by cutting the price of the current model. Should you buy it? Probably not. For advisors, being able to run th full Office Suite is important so probably want the Surface Pro, which is the more expensive model.

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New Surface Pro With 256GB Solid State Drive Arrives, But Wait For A Haswell Processor If You Can

  Windows Surface Pro, the tablet and laptop all-in-one made by Microsoft, went on sale six months ago with a 128GB solid state drive. Today, a reseller posted a link to an upgraded version with 256GB of storage space.

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Do You Need An Ultra-High Definition Monitor? What’s The Difference Between A Display With 1920x1080 Resolution And 2560x1440?

  Everyone always talks about the benefit of using two monitors instead of just one. More desktop space makes you more productive. You can compare two documents, see a spreadsheet side-by-side with a Word document, and multi-task better. Financial advisors now commonly use two monitors. But you don’t hear much about moving to a higher resolution monitor, which further expands the desktop and, thus, should make you even more productive.   As shown in the infographic below,

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