Want To Boost Productivity? Try This $9 Fix

There are many advantages and disadvantages for advisors working in a collaborative environment. While being conducive for working together and leveraging effort, the environment lends itself to an array of audible distractions.

Loud cell phone ring tones, hallway conversations of passers-by, and this month, the raucous shouting of "GOOOOOOAAAAAAAALLLL" certainly do nothing to help you keep your focus. A Google search of "office distractions and productivity" yields many studies of how seemingly innocuous distractions can easily rob you of minutes, or even hours, of productivity every day.

Fortunately there's a simple, inexpensive solution to combat these daily distractions and keep you on task. Headphones.

For as little as $9, you can buy over-the-ear headphones and reduce the chances of interruptions from external noise. Noise cancelling headphones are available starting at $30 that can cancel sounds from your building's air conditioning system or the street traffic outside.

Headphones are just one approach you can implement to minimize workplace distractions. What's important is that your environment support periods of uninterrupted focus time for you and your employees.

Does your firm welcome the use of headphones? Or do you have policies that prohibit their use? Please comment on how your firm addresses ambient noise and distractions in the workplace.


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