Dell XPS 18 All-In-One Is An 18 Inch Windows 8 Tablet And PC And An Example Of How Computer Buying Is Totally Changed By Windows 8 Hot

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Computer-buying has been totally changed with the release of Windows 8. It used to be that you had laptops, desktops and tablets to consider. They were three distinct categories. Now, the differences among those three categories have all been blurred. You need to spend time figuring out what kind of computer you need before buying anything.


Take the new Dell XPS 18. The Dell XPS 18 features an 18.4-inch Full HD (1920x1080) touch screen, that, when folded down becomes a massive slate twice as large as Apple's iPad, and offers a battery with  four hours of run-time.


"Weighing in at 4.85 pounds, it's not meant to be as portable as an actual tablet, but that's still incredibly light for an AIO (all-in-one)," says TechSpot.


To me, an 18 inch tablet that is also a PC would not be practical. I am using a poweful desktop for creating content--writing Word documents, editing video, running large reports--and a Surface Pro tablet/PC for consuming content and light editing. I don't need an 18-inch tablet.


Some advisors, however, may find an 18 inch tablet with the power of a PC--an Intel i7 processor--really convenient. If you are giving clients presentations all the time, carrying around an oversized tablet may be great for you since it can also serve as your laptop.


Point is, you need to know what you want to use your computer for before buying it.  I'll be posting a more conmplete revie of my experience with thbe Surface Pro but would love to know if A4A members have experienced the changes wrought by Windows 8.

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