Chromebook Pixel, The New Laptop From Google, Offers Great Hardware But Falls Short Because It Runs on Google’s Operating System Hot

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(where my daughter began working about a month ago.)

“The hardware is worth $1,299,” says ARS Technica reviewer, Andrew Cunningham, “but Chrome OS isn't. That much money will buy a high-quality PC or Mac with a more versatile operating system.”

Cunningham sounds almost apologetic for having to say this newly released ultrabook comes up short.

“Don't misunderstand me—I actually quite like Chrome OS,” says Cunningham. “For consumers, I think it's the lean, fast, stable, secure, constantly evolving, crapware-free operating system that netbooks always wanted. When combined with the Chrome OS management console, I think it presents an outstanding value for price-conscious schools looking to introduce technology into their classrooms.

The core issue is that there's nothing Chrome OS can do on the $1,299 Pixel that it can't do on the $199 Acer C7,” adds Cunningham. “The build quality is unquestionably better and the screen is certainly superior, but in terms of what it can do the gap is much narrower.”

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