The Verge Reviews Surface Pro And Says It Falls Short

While having more than four hours of battery life would be great, it's not a deal killer for me. The only time I need four hours of battery life straight is when I am flying cross country. And even then I am unlikely to use the device for four hours straight.


I use an iPad and laptop in my house to go from room to room and have a desktop in my office. I'm almost never away from an electrical outlet for more than a few hours. And when I am, I'm in a car, where I can get a charge. Plus, there's already talk od add-on accessories for Surface Pro, like a cover with a battery built in.


So the four-hour battery life on Surface Pro, while not great, is not a deal killer for me or most people.


Also, The Verge says you won't want to hold this device in one hand. I felt that way about iPad, too. So I bought an iPad holder for $20. Problem solved. I'm sure I can find a holder for the Surface Pro.


As far as the device not being good for holding in your lap, you're likely to have the same problem with the iPad. Tablets are a little awkward with no holder. And, when I use a laptop, I almost never try to work with a laptop actually on my lap. I find a table or rest it on a pillow on my legs when I'm in bed.


For advisors, Surface Pro is a big deal because 90% of advisors are using PCs and not Macs. Integration with Windows Office is a huge benefit of Surface Pro. Plus, security--a feature advisors should not compromise on--is better with Surface Pro, which provides full-disk encryption, which eliminates a major legal liability hurdle for advisors using mobile devices.

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