As Consumer Electronics Show Gets Under Way, Here’s A Sampling Of Items Advisors Need To Know About Hot

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It’s widely anticipated that for the first time in many years, Microsoft will get attention at CES this year. Microsoft is introducing its new line of Surface tablets and will be previewing its Surface Pro model that runs Windows 8.

While CES has been dominated by introduction of new tablets over the past couple of years, the dozens of Android tablets that were released in previous most were a disappointment when compared with the Apple iPad. Microsoft’s new Surface Pro tablet is a “convertible,” meaning it doubles as a laptop computer as well as a tablet. While its battery life is reportedly a disappointment, everything else about it has been praised in pre-release previews.


Surface Pro, which runs the Windows 8 operating system, is expected to be released at the end of January and pre-orders could begin in the next week or two. What makes Surface Pro so promising is that its operating system runs on phones and computers as well as tablets.  So all your documents in Office can be viewed and edited from wherever you are no matter what device you’re using. Plus, instead of buying a laptop and tablet, you just buy one device.


The CES website offers a preview of some of the small new companies that are showing products. I spent a couple of hours combing through the 30-send pitch videos. Here are some new innovations advisors might find useful:


TechTips: Something You Didn’t Know You Need. These are styluses for writing on a tablet or phone that let you write notes in your handwriting or draw pictures and diagrams. You wear it on your finger.



LifeProof You iPad. The pitch here is for an iPad case that is basically indestructible. Want to bring your iPad when you go rock climbing? No problem. No more worrying about your iPad falling into the pool or getting sand-filled at the beach.



Cool iPad Mount. Deohako is an attachment for an iPad that lets you snap your iPad to your windshield or mount it on your desk. Just snap your iPad off the desk mount and bring it to you car where you can snap it to a windshield mount.


Health Station. These are walk in kiosks with interactive digital medical devices. Using video-conferencing and digital medical devices that you insert in your ears, mouth, and elsewhere, you can get a physical from a remote doctor. It’s for when you need an antibiotic or have a flu and want some medicine.




Snap A Wide-Angle Lens To Your iPhone. A lens that clips onto your iPhone and allows you to zoom in or out.



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