Roundup From Google Developer Conference Of News Advisors Care About Hot

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While advisors don't care so much abiout Google's developer conference, it did include some releases you should know about. Here's a summary of the big news you need to know.

Glass Steals Shows. In an over the top publicity stunt, four skydivers wearing Google Glass glasses jumped from a plane and landed on the roof of the Mosconi Center. Google Glass live streams everything you see, so viewers saw the world as a parachutist, then as a cyclist, and a man scaling down the side of the Mosconi Center. It’s must-see TV. But I’m not sure there is a product here. Streaming live video by strapping a camera to my head is totally doable now. Google Glass means the camera is embedded in a pair of glasses, which is nice because the glasses are unobtrusive, but that’s not as spectacular as the notion of streaming live video of everything we experience. Training videos suddenly become easier to create. The glasses are currently only being sold to developers at $1500 apiece.



2.       New 7” Google Nexus Tablet. Google unveiled a new 7” tablet that costs $249 with 16GB and $199 with 8GB of storage. Manufactured by Asus, it runs on the latest version of Google’s Android operating system, Jelly Bean, and is a direct competitor to the Kindle Fire. With a 1280 X 720 display, it offers near-field communication so it can eventually replace your wallet, and an iPhone Siri-like voice recognition app.

Nexus Q Media Streamer. This is a cool looking black orb that streams music and other media from the Web to your music system or TV. Apple TV does this for about the same $299 price tag. The difference is that Apple TV streams from your PC or tablet to your TV or music system, while Google Nexus Q does it from the cloud. That means anyone at your party can be given DJ control or add songs to your music queue.

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