Blackberry Fading From The Advisory Scene While Apple Consolidates Hot

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The latest advisor technology survey from Financial Planning notes what we already know: the iPad is king in the tablet world among advisors as well as the general population.


The non-Apple tablet market is incredibly crowded with machines that mostly run the Android operating system, and a few are already selling at well below manufacturing cost in a desperate attempt to gain critical market share.


Nothing against Android, but what the Financial Planning survey reveals is that advisors want to minimize the number of operating systems they use.


Almost half of the advisors the magazine polled use an iPhone and now 38% use an iPad as well. And a once-unbelievable 11% have even bought at least one Apple desktop or laptop for the office.


Roughly 37% use an Android phone and 21% have bought an Android tablet.


Add the 3% who've bought Windows tablets, and you've got penetration of 62% as far as advisors using these little computers goes.


Two out of three advisors have tablets. This is no longer a niche platform.


But on the phone side, the once-ubiquitous Blackberry is now losing share. Only 25% of advisors now use one, down from 37% last year.


Even two years ago, I would never have expected any Apple computers in the financial industry, except for niche applications like client communications. And Blackberry was king.


Things change. That's what technology is all about.




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