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Let's look at some apps of value as an attendee to a meeting:

  • AudioNote - allows for the recording of a meeting while also tapping in various notes. Your typed notes synch with the recording so you can find the context for which you wrote the note (i.e. you can replay the meeting audio while reviewing notes). Notes (and the recording) can later be shared via email or to others on the same WiFi network as you.
  • Evernote - a great digital scrapbook that accepts audio, photo and text notes as well as submissions via email to generate notes from other formats. It supports attachments and more. Truly a substantive digital organizer. Notes can be shared via email and social networks.
  • iThoughtsHD - a mind mapping tool yet also valuable if you are quickly sketching out ideas being presented to you for later review. Mind maps can be shared in a number of ways - as images, emails or exported to other cloud storage destinations and formats.
  • Penultimate - one of my favorites, it allows for literal scribbling, doodling, drawing as well as writing notes. Works very nicely with a stylus meant for the iPad (like those by Just Mobile).

For presenters at meetings, there are native tools of great value to add to the iPad.

  • Keynote - allows for you to import both Keynote as well as Power Point presentations, edit them and then present them using either the VGA or HDMI out capabilities to connect with a projector for the large screen or TV display
  • GoodReader - can store and present rich PDF documents and other file formats
  • Idea Flight - a new entrant and outstanding concept. As the pilot - you can load a presentation and everyone attending your meeting can connect over WiFI or Bluetooth and watch your presentation on their iPad (without projecting it to TV or screen). Definitely worth a look (I am in a review with this app as you read this).

Certainly, post-meeting, the beauty of apps mentioned here is the ability to sync with your PC/Mac and/or cloud storage to back up your data and further utilize what you have captured.

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