HP TouchPad Tablet Unveiled; Another Challenger To iPad's Early Lead Hot

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HP bought Palm last year and has used its webOS operating system. It lets you view sites that use Flash, unlike the iPad.


PC World points out that HP is also going to make it easy to print from a TouchPad, which makes total sense for the maker of printers.


In another post on PC World, an app called Synergy from HP is mentioned, and that app can be useful to advisors on Microsoft's operating system because it will allow you to integrate your Exchange Server data into your TouchPad. That could be a real differentiator over Android and Apple tablets for advisors.


A couple of points to keep in mind. The HP TouchPad won't be released until summer. So it's not coming out soon enough. Nor was pricing announced.


In addition, HP's press conference has already fueled speculation that Apple will release iPad 3 next fall. Apple is expected to announce iPad 2's release for this spring. Announcing that it would push out yet another version of the iPad next fall could freeze those thinking of switching to HP's TouchPad.


The HP website has lots of information about the new TouchPad.




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