Android 3.0--An Operating System For Tablets--Is Released With Motorola Xoom Using It


While no one called it a slam dunk over the iPad, reviews of the Xoom and Droid 3.0 were very favorable.


Here' a roundup.


CNET said: "Honeycomb on the Xoom makes it as quick and responsive as the iPad.”


TechCrunch said: "Android Honeycomb is decidedly more complex than the iPad," but added that, "It’s a solid competitor to iOS — better, even, in some ways."

PC World: Google Android 3.0 and Motorola Xoom: Hands-On, and Awesome


Silicon Alley Insider, however, was less impressed, saying: "If This Is Google's Best Shot At The iPad, Apple Shouldn't Worry."


Here's an FAQ about Droid 3.0.

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