Webinar Follow Up - Roundup of Leading CRM Systems


Junxure - can it be hosted as an external app and treated like Redtail or Salesforce?

Neal and I discussed this after the webinar session - and really we have two answers.

  1. In part it can be hosted - by purchasing the Client View add-on from Junxure - this takes a portion of the CRM data online to a hosted solution supported by Junxure - and exposes it to your customers in a secure fashion. However - this does not make the complete solution web-enabled.
  2. Our other answer - if you want a web-enabled solution, trying to outsource the hosting of a solution designed to be hosted within your network may not be cost or performance efficient. You should consider the offerings of web-hosted solutions (the other three providers in our webinar) and match them up against Junxure. 

Please do note - Junxure is a fine system and designed for financial professionals. However - if you need a completely outsourced solution - it is not the answer.


Google Apps Security

There was some discussion around Google Apps for Business and if the security controls were appropriate. This was not to debate if the solution was WORM-compliant - but just generally secure for use in business process and data storage.


I utilize Google Apps for Business Premier Edition (the paid version from Google) and have found it secure, both in setting a persistent SSL connection when logged in via web browser, and in its integration with Salesforce (which we use as our CRM). 

However - I wanted to explore this further and browsed the Google Apps Premier public information. An excellent overview is found here, with links to extensive questions on security and privacy, as well as a whitepaper on Google security practices.


App Crown Information and Pricing

Our general practice is to document publicly available pricing from vendors so as to allow for the fact that some vendors need to hear your requirements prior to providing an estimate of start-up and ongoing costs for using their product. App Crown - while an overlay in Salesforce, does not list in the App Exchange with pricing as it is custom to each customer (currently as reflected on their web site). More information can be found here - and a demo can be requested where your practice can request a custom estimate.


I have seen an App Crown demo - and they offer a solution with a depth and breadth that spans beyond CRM. It is worth a demo if you are in the market for a solution tuned for financial practices and are considering Salesforce as your CRM engine.


As mentioned above - if there are more targeted CRM questions I would welcome your comments and an opportunity to provide further information.



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