CRM Going Mobile

2009 was the year many CRM providers either introduced or enhanced their support for mobility to customers. The most recent being Redtail Technology, now with apps for Blackberry and iPhone integrated into their offering.

For many years the idea of needing mobile phone access to core business systems seemed either absurd or at minimum challenging due to the limited processing power and small screens of even the best smart phones. While the Blackberry was ahead of the curve on smart phones, Apple's iPhone has largely been the driving force behind handset makers introducing phones nearly as powerful as our computers with friendly screens and complex integration to web-based applications.

Now that hardware has caught up with the vision of CRM mobility - we can now get access to our customer data, calendars, tasks, notes and more - both viewing and even updating in some cases - with just a smart phone while away from the office. More importantly - depending upon your CRM solution - the sync capabilities brings your CRM dashboard into your hands.

Some of the most popular providers to our industry offer mobile access - all with an additional cost at some level (be it an add-on or more premium level of the application). Those include:

I would be interested not only in your experience with these tools but also recommendations for other CRM providers and your feedback on their mobility offering.


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