Assette EasyReports™ Makes Report Customization Easy

EasyReports offers the ability to create customized reports in Microsoft PowerPoint (referred to as presentations) or monthly/quarterly performance reports (called statements).


Assette Background


Here are the basics about Assette and EasyReports:


  • Assette has serviced the asset management industry since 1998
  • The company leverages its relationships with large industry firms, including SEI Private Trust Company and Boston Private Bank & Trust Company, by introducing services and products on a smaller scale to independent advisors
  • EasyReports is a 100% Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution
  • Integration is supported with Advent Axys, Schwab Performance Technologies® PortfolioCenter®, and Excel files for other portfolio software programs



What intrigued me about Assette EasyReports is that customization is performed using templates in PowerPoint. So if advisors are comfortable creating slides in PowerPoint, they can customize client presentations and statements with just a few clicks of the mouse.


Customization with PowerPoint


So how is PowerPoint used to create performance reports?


After installing EasyReports, PowerPoint is populated with a new item in the menu bar titled Assette. Selecting the Assette menu opens a drop down window with four options: Tables, Charts, Labels, and Static Slides. Each option contains a catalog of options that make up all kinds of performance metrics. The object catalog includes all of the metrics an advisor could want, including market value changes, sector allocation, benchmark performance, and many more.


Simply select an option to add it to a slide template. The object can be dragged, resized, and stretched along with all of the other ways objects can be manipulated in PowerPoint. Designing custom reports has never been easier.


Bulk Report Generation


Once a report template is finalized, EasyReports' Launcher utility offers the ability to create and deliver PDF statements or PowerPoint presentations. When integrated with supported portfolio management systems, EasyReports displays the list of accounts under management. Simply check the box next to an account to include it in the report process.


EasyReports allows each account to be associated with its own report template. For example, advisors can associate a very detailed report template for inquisitive clients who want all the portfolio details, while associating a simpler, user-friendly report template for clients who want just the basics in a report. This is a very slick way to give each client the report that best fits what he/she needs.


EasyReports Generated reports are placed in a queue pending approval, so there's little risk of delivering reports riddled with errors to clients.


Multiple Delivery Support


EasyReports provides report delivery via email or through a print and mail service through Assette. Report uploading to a client portal is available via Assette EasyAccess™ offered at an additional fee (see below for website link to fee details).


The EasyAccess portal is more than just a conduit for posting performance reports. EasyAccess supports an interface with Advent Axys and Schwab Performance Technologies® PortfolioCenter®. All portfolio information stored in the advisor's system is securely copied to the EasyAccess system on a daily basis. As a result, clients can log in to the advisor-branded EasyAccess portal and drill down to specific information just as if they were looking into the advisor's portfolio software.




Assette EasyReports offers straightforward, transparent pricing. Firms managing less than $500 million in assets pay a one-time $1,999 setup fee and $309 monthly fee. This includes an unlimited number of users in the advisor office and reporting for up to 500 firm clients. Firms between $500 million and $1 billion pay a $2,499 setup fee and $499 monthly fee. Unlimited users and up to 1,000 firm clients are included in the fee. There are additional fees to implement reports using data from Excel instead of Axys or PortfolioCenter. (Click here to see the full list of fees)


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