TRX Rebalancing Software Integrates With Morningstar Office's Portfolio Management Software And Is Emerging As A Major Player In Rebalancing For RIAs Hot

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With integration of Morningstar's portfolio management software system,  TRX is positioned to become a major player in portfolio rebalancing for advisors because it is an independent rebalancing program not connected to any single portfolio management software system, CRM or planning application. Because TRX is a standalone rebalancing app, with no CRM, PMS or financial planning app to sell, it costs much less than most other rebalancing systems. It supports allowing advisors to choose best of breed apps.


Other rebalancing apps are tied to a CRM system or are offered as an all-in-one app, and advisors often don't like one aspect of the application, or being reliant on a single company or custodian for their technology platform.


Because TRX is a standalone app, it can be added to a many PMS systems. It frees an advisors to choose  a CRM or planning system separately. While all-one-apps often are easier to set up, integration of independent web-based apps provides the same or more features, allows RIAs to choose best of breed apps, and costsan RIA much less.


With higher tax rates expected in 2013, tax rebalancing of portfolios is becoming increasingly important.


TRX allows RIAs to find the best tax lots to trade out of across their entire client base while using a modern portfolio theory approach to rebalance tax-efficiently across a client’s entire portfolio. To differentiate themselves from online apps offering portfolio advice and to have a competitive advantage against less rigorous advisors, wealth managers increasingly are junder pressure to provide advanced tax rebalancing capabilities.


When TRX was founded in 2008, it only integrated with PortfolioCenter. TRX's integration with Morningstar's PMS system comes just weeks after the company announced integration with Orion Advisor Services. The founder of TRX, Sheryl Rowling, is a CPA who runs an RIA and she is a blogger on A4A.




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