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Pfau, as many know, is among the world’s foremost authorities on retirement income, a blogger on Advisors4Advisors, and the curriculum director of the Retirement Income Industry Association’s Retirement Management Analyst program.

Jason Hull, a financial planner with Hull Financial Planning and a blogger for US News & World Report, conducted the interview with Pfau using Google+ Hangouts and its On-Air broadcast program and posted the interview to his YouTube channel and then posted a story about that interview on US News & World Report. Hull also posted an article about the psychology of Pfau’s findings on his website.

And what I found is that it’s relatively easy and cheap (as in free) to use Google+ and Hangouts. Obviously, you need a Google+ account and a YouTube account/channel. And then all you need to do is schedule a “Hangout” with someone and then enable your system to record and post the interview to your YouTube channel (enable Hangouts On Air). And that’s it.

So how has Google+ and its On-Air Broadcast worked for Hull so far?

“I've pretty much only used it for limited cases,” says Hull. “I did have a couple of people drop in when I interviewed Nick Barron of Flypt. I also use it for my business brain trust meetings and for board meetings to get several video/screen shares in concurrently. To me, it's simply easier than trying to record video on Skype and then uploading it on YouTube.”

So, if you're looking for a new application to talk with clients or prospects or share your thoughts with the world via video, give Goole+ and Hangouts a try.

By the way, there are those who have enjoyed great success using G+ Hangout. Case in point:’s effort to promote science fairs.

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