Schwab Advisor Services Announces Forms-Filling System Using LaserApp

Schwab Advisor Services, the biggest of custodians serving independent investment advisors says will by the end of the year launch an integration with LaserApp.


LaserApp boosts an advisor's efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry in filling in client forms.


Eighty of the most commonly used forms will be available and advisors can submit applications online to obtain a Schwab account number, says a Schwab press release.


"The integration helps improve internal processes by reducing the effort and inherent errors associated with manually completing forms" according to Schwab. "The pre-population and validation also helps prevent account applications from being rejected, as nearly 20% of applications are rejected, often due to missing data."


LaserApp is the king of form filling in the advisor world.


We're asking Schwab about whether the integration is with the web-based or desktop version of LaserApp. The desktop version is more popular. 

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