Apart From Being Oscar Wilde’s Most Popular Play, The Importance Of Being Earnest Is, Coincidentally, A Way To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying

Sorry for the play on words but it’s true. Being earnest on the Web—having your name associated with credible ideas and websites—is a way to improve your search engine ranking.

Posting blogs that speak truth, writing for your local newspaper every week, posting videos on YouTube, and posting links to your website from other professionals--are all key factors in helping you boost your online presence and using the Internet for marketing.
Reviews of your firm on Google Places, which must be earned by giving good service to consumers, is another factor, as is the number of comments posted to your blog and visitors to your website.
The dispassionate algorithms of the Web's search engines are your friend, if you understand the system and work it to your advantage.
But it starts with being trustworthy, gaining popularity, and doing good. If you become known for that, search engines will help people find you.


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