FPA Business Solutions Conference Surprisingly Turns Into A Serious Substantive Technology Conference


I'm kind of jaded about technology conferences for a couple of reasons.


First, I've been writing about advisor technology and practice management in industry publications since 1996. So I'm a curmudgeon on this topic. Any technology conference produced without my input can't be very good. (I'm saying this to make fun of myself, but there's probably an element of truth to it.)


Also, technology conferences in recent years have been spoiled by the tendency to offer speaking slots to sponsors. Offering speaking slots to vendors is tempting to any conference producer, and it's particularly an issue when a conference is focused on one specific area, such as technology or practice management, because the number of potential sponsors is limited. Consequently, it's easy to succumb to the temptaton to allow sponsors to buy a place at the podium. 


Despite my skepticism, however, the FPA Business Solutions conference last week turned out to be a real winner.


The program for the FPA Business Solutoins Conference was largely assembled by Spenser Segal, the founder and CEO of ActiFi, and he did a great job.


The conference covered topics like social media, integration, account aggregation, generating referrals using technology, how to select financial planning software, an streamlining operations for efficiency. 


But what I liked about the FPA Business Solutions Conference was that there were more about 300 advisors and just 15 or so vendors.  


So many conferences you go to nowadays atract as many or more vendors than advisors. That's because the Internet and advent of webinars have made attending conferences less important to most advisors. 


The FPA Business Solutions Conference received little fanfare or press attention. The only coverage I saw was from Financial Advisor. it's become the biggest practice management conference for advsors. 


Nice job, FPA. 




















I was in Boston last Thursday and Friday for the FPA Business Solutions conference and was totally

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