Google Voice Number Porting: Pros and Cons

Until now, users of Googe Voice were assigned a phone number. Now, you can port your cell phone number over to Google Voice, which then allows you to take advantage of te many features of this VOIP platform.


PC World's coverage is thorough and explains the hassles involved--and they are not insignificant.


If you're thinking of porting your cell phone number to Google Voice, you should also read Danny Sullivan's account of his beta experience, which he says is "largely good."


I remain cautious.  While I might try porting my number, I am a little nervous about it.


I spoke at the FPA of Central Florida conference yesterday and brought up the subject of security issues with Google Gmail and Yahoo! Mail, and heard several really scary stories from advisors who said their accounts had been hijacked. 


Any comments on use of Gmail and other such servceis would be appreciated.   

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