Advisor Impact--Maker Of Client Survey Software--Acquired By Accretive Advisor

Advisor Impact allows advisors to outsource client feedback collection.


I've written about Advisor Impact  and have long thought it was a great service or advisors.


It allows an advisor to administer a survey to all of its clients using a third-party service to collate and report on all of the information.


Using a third-party vendor allows clients to feel they can be more candid, since they may feel like they are not directly responding to questions you pose.


Data garnered fro Advisor Impact surveys can tell advisors what specific clients are thinking; which clients want more help with estate planning; who is on the verge of firing you; and which if your staffers is least helpful. 


Julie Littlechild, the founder and CEO of Toronto-based Advisor Impact, is one of our guest speakers at today's webinar at 4 p.m. on generating referrals perpetually.


Littlechild's firm now maintains a database of over 80,000 investors and that data can be used to drive insights into client engagement, fit and perception of advice. In fact, Littlechild will be speaking about the data gleaned from client surveys at Friday's webinar.


According to a press release, Littlechild will remain as Advisor Impact's CEO, and the company will continue to operate under its own name as a subsidiary of Accretive 360 Inc. She will also become Managing Director of Research of Accretive Advisor.


"With Accretive 360, we'll not only continue to deliver our existing programs, but will substantially expand our research platform, all with a view to significantly improve the way Investors and Advisors work together," Littlechild said in a press release.


Accretive 360 Inc., is the parent company of Accretive Advisor, a wealth management services firm that helps investors and advisors work together. Its Accretive Match process uses a proprietary online matching tool to identify investors' needs and partner them with advisors suited to meet their needs.

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