Financial Advisor Marketing Videos Don't Have To Be Big Fancy Productions; They Just Need To Be Real

Financial advisors marketing videos don't need fancy graphics, green screen effects, elaborate titles, or music. It's more important that advisor marketing videos communicate personally and with some personality.


I am saying this because I have no doubt that we're going to see advisors in 2011 plunking down big bucks to create videos marketing their services. 

While my company, Advisor Products, is in the marketing business and stands to gain from the coming rise in the use of advisor marketing videos, I cannot in good conscience exploit the trend by telling advisos they must buy expensive video productions.

After giving this issue a good bit of thought recently, I've concluded that spending money on video is unimportant and maybe unneccessary.

Yes, your videos need to be professional looking. And videos that you make to describe your services and poducts should be more well-planned and elaborate poductions.


But t make the most of video, you don't want to use a video crew, professional post-production editors, a teleprompter or bulleted text flying into your production as an actor speaks about your firm.


The reaction of my clients to a holiday greetings video of Advisor Products staff singing is an example. 



One advisor who commented to me about the video today said it was exactly the kind of marketing he wants to do.


Seeing people singing and laughing in that video makes you see what these people are about. You have to like them. (I do, and I feel I am lucky to have them work with me.)


I look like a complete dork in this video, swaying and singing enthusiastically. But I and my co-stars are smiling.


Now, I am not saying that advisors should market by singing. You have to find your own ideas that will be unqiue to your firm and your people.


It might be fireside chats, "candid" discussions about investment policy between two principals, or an advisor intervewing an estate planning attorey about the new tax law.


Make it one or two minutes, hit a few key points, and post it. Then, do another on the next day or the next week.


To use video to boost your search engine rankings and get clients and prospects to views your videos, quantity is more important than quality.


While you want to get the lighting right, and make the sound audible, and not stumble over every word, viewers will not judge you too harshly for if you do not have professional-quality studio videos as long as you are honest.


Showing your humanity is okay. Not being a professional spokesperson is fine. 


You want to communicate good ideas, succeintly and communicate often.


And if you do sing, it doesn't matter if you're a little off key. 







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