Orion Advisor Services Now Lets You Include Videos In Quarterly Staements

Orion seems to have some strong momentum in recent months and has been truly innovative. Yesterday's announcement puts Orion out front in the use of video to touch on a very sensitive issue for advisors: performance. 

What remains to be seen is how much advisors want to use video, and what kind of videos advisors will want. 

Video solutions are just starting to get launched by advisor apps and Orion deserves praise for being one of the first. 

Orion is a web-based performance reporting system that was started over a decade ago by a separate account manager. The firm today works with more than 200 advisors and administrates over $45 billion in assets for more than 300,000 accounts.

Orion has invested in a studio and talent to create truly beatiful videos. I've seen some of their work and it is high quality.

The challenge of video solutions provided by advisor apps is that advisors would need to go to a studio to appear in their own videos. Otherwise outside talent must be used on the videos.

If you use outside talent to produce a video in a studio, it will likely come out better and look more professional. But I am not convinced that clients will like it. I think clients may want to hear directly from their advisor about performance.

Using an actor and nice graphics is great for marketing videos. But I am not convinced that clients will find it personal enough when used to discuss investment performance. After all, clients choose an independent advisor because they want to work with a small firm and have direct access to their investment professional. 

I'll be hosting a webinar tomorrow on the use of video by advisors and how it can improve search engine rankings. I'll also explain how you can create your own videos in your office on the cheap. Personally, I think that video is getting easy enough for any advisor to do himself in his own office. I was talking with a videographer just yesterday about how this DOY trend has put so many video consultants out of work.

Let us know what you think about the use of video in your client communications.

Do you think advisors should use professionally produced videos with actors to explain performance? Or does the advisor need to be the main character on the video?   





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