The Right Approach to College Visits Can Help Your Clients Make the Right Financial Choice

Although it’s important for students and their parents to understand what a college looks and feels like, we generally recommend that families don’t embark upon serious college visits until the student has been admitted during the senior year.

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Webinar Preview: Innovations in Retirement Income Planning

As advisors are increasingly recognizing the need to treat retirement income planning as distinct from wealth maximization, a growing body of research is expanding our understanding of the retirement income problem. Advances in retirement income planning include a growing use of the funded ratio concept, more sophisticated distribution management techniques, and the use of “safe savings rates” to calibrate one’s financial plan with respect to retirement goals.

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Ideas For The 'Hot' Companies Of The Future Are Already Out There

Paul Graham owns a company called Y-Combinator which supports start-ups looking to launch. His take on the next great businesses fall in the following seven areas:   1.       A better search engine Some say Google is losing it’s effectiveness and is overloaded, making results less reliable.   2.       Better email Email recipients should have more control over what comes into their inboxes and how they can manage it.   3.       A better way to educate than universities The f

Combining Captive Insurance Companies With Estate Planning For Business Owners Can Provide Powerful

The buzz about Captive Insurance is almost as big as the cloud of confusion surrounding it. Captive Insurance is not new or particularly aggressive. In fact, about 400 of the S&P 500 companies operate their own Captive Insurance company. But under the right circumstances for the right client, Captive Insurance can be a powerful planning tool. Here's a brief overview of what it is, who is a good candidate to utilize it, and how to go about to get started.  

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