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For example, the screenshot below shows you an advisor website with one of the recent articles we posted entitled, “2014 Global Forecast Offers Hope Bull Market Can Spread.”
We have created multiple tweets related to the investment wisdom discussed in the article, which is based on ideas from economist Fritz Meyer.

To use this article to educate people about managing their money, an advisor logs into AdvisorSites BackOffice, a content management system, and checks a box. You can then tweet out pre-written status updates about articles you post to your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages.

The app for selecting articles you want posted to your website and the social media dashboard are integrated in the AdvisorSites BackOffice, and then we go a step further: the ideas in the articles are accompanied by call-to-action graphics—banner ads—linked to an inbound marketing and lead-generation app.

The graphics on the right side of the screenshot above link to special report videos that are each three- to five-minutes in length, They feature the soothing voice of economist Meyer providing his latest analysis.
When someone in your social network likes your status update about 3Q 2013’s investment results, retirement planning, or buying a tablet for grandma, he clicks on a link in your status update to read an in-depth article.
Your social network and prospects not only see the article you've tweeted but they also see a "special report" with a related video. However, they can view the video only by submitting their email address, following you on social media or signing up for your email newsletter. That's a lead.

You can append the tweets we provide in the social media dashboard with your own personal keywords, like “doctors in Long Island” or “Kansas City gynecologists,” which will help you with search engine rankings.
(While the articles that we write and post on advisor websites do not help you with Search Engine Optimization—we don’t even index them because duplicate content is frowned upon by Google—your tweets are original content when appended with your keywords.
Appending our tweets with your keywords will help boost your search rankings for your search terms. It’s ingenuous.
(And you can automate the process so new articles will automatically appear on your website, and you also can set the status updates to automatically be generated. (Not recommended, but good for lazy marketers.)

The technology integration is amazing, but that is razzle-dazzle. The real value of this system to an advisor is in the ideas communicated to people.
The articles and videos help you educate investors about what’s happening in the economy and financial markets now. For a professional fiduciary managing money, offering investment wisdom—even if not produced by you—can prepare clients for the next bear market. It can teach them about trusts, taxation, and DB plans. Moreover, it shows prospects the ideas you embrace.
Long-term investment and financial planning wisdom are now integrated into the advisor websites from Advisor Products.

If you are already a Platinum subscriber, please contact us ASAP to upgrade and add the inbound marketing and lead generation module to your website.  


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