Capturing A Wealth Management’s Firm’s Value Proposition In Video Hot

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Reducing your core value proposition to its simplest ideas to create a two-minute video requires thinking through all the details involved in what you do.
For a firm providing financial planning and investment management to ultra-high net worth individuals, you must in two minutes show the right pictures and use the right words that explain why you’re unique. If you have an array of services, target clients, and have been practicing for years, communicating at that level of precision requires thought and planning. It's a process that takes time.  

Before you can explain your firm’s essence in a four-word tag line, you need to articulate all of the details about your firm in your brochure and marketing copy, in blog posts, and presentations. Then you can reduce it to a two-minute video.

I recently posted a two-and-a-half minute video about my company's core value proposition that I could not have created without first writing several blog posts explaining different components of what my firm does. This 2,300 word blog post took hours to write and explains in great detail the same ideas captured in this two-and-a-half minute video. But before creating the video, the blog post afticulating all the ideas had to be created.

Making a video that explains a wealth management firm’s core value proposition is not as nearly easy as it looks. 


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