The Most Overused Advisor Marketing Phrase Of All Time: “We Give You Peace Of Mind” Hot

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I loved using that phrase in marketing copy for advisors —15 years ago. But now it’s used by so many advisors that relying on that trite idea actually undermines your marketing effort.

Think about it. Before entrusting you with their money, a typical prospect is likely to use your website to validate who you are. That prospect is probably comparing you to a former advisor or one or two other advisors.

Imagine what she thinks when she goes to your website and—just like her the advisor she is planning to fire—you are promising her “financial peace of mind.”

Good marketing copy explains why you’re different. Don’t tell people you will give them peace of mind. Show them!

If you concisely describe that you meet with every client quarterly, your prospect will know that you’re not like her current advisor. If you describe how you specialize in working with widows in your town and name the tax and legal professionals in your local network, you will show that you’re different. If you show people how you use an online vault system to distribute performance and billing statements, it will demonstrate how you are different.

Highlighting specific differences between you and other advisors tells prospects a lot more than promises of peace of mind.

Advisors who provide these specifics in text, video, and slideshows are also likely to benefit from better search engine rankings because people searching for help in a specific area will naturally be brought to your site.

“Financial peace of mind” is the most overused marketing phrase of all time, and it’s a major mistake for advisors to rely on that empty phrase in marketing their firms.



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