Wall Street’s Poor Forecasting Record Is The Focus Of A New Advisor Content Marketing Campaign Hot

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Wall Street’s poor forecasting track record is the subject of a new content marketing campaign created by Advisor Products for independent financial professionals.


The campaign is based on a study spanning nine years by economist Fritz Meyer, who has meticulously documented the investment results of sector forecasts made annually by 10 top Wall Street strategists in a Barron’s cover story since 2005. Meyer’s research shows how Wall Street’s sector bets have been a dismal failure.

Meyer’s findings definitively show that even Wall Street’s top strategists cannot consistently pick the next winning or losing stock sectors.  It is rare effort to hold Wall Street’s largest firms accountable – along with other talking heads regularly paraded on financial TV shows — for their investment forecasts.



The FINRA-reviewed content marketing campaign is designed to for an advisors to use in social media and email newsletters to draw traffic to his website and then generate leads using a "video white paper," which can be viewed only after visitors to connect with the advisor on social media or submit their email address. The campaign is comprised of two articles that are made available on advisor websites, two 30-second videos accompanying the articles, six status updates for use on social media, and a six-minute white-paper featuring Fritz Meyer explaining his nine-year study of Wall Street’s sector calls. The campaign can be automated using the Financial Advisor Marketing Dashboard, a comprehensive content marketing system for advisors.



Wall Street’s Poor Forecasting Record Is The Focus Of A New Advisor Content Marketing Campaign

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