Post-COVID Inflation and Federal Reserve Policy

This two-credit elective course provides unique perspective on post-COVID-19 inflation by recounting several comparable events in U.S. history. Investment professionals gain new insight into the current policy response of the Federal Reserve and its likely impact on the 2023 financial economic outlook by learning about relevant historical precedents reviewed in this course.


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Drawing from his upcoming book, The Enlightened Investor: Improving Investment Decisions by Reliving U.S. Financial History, instructor, Mark J. Higgins, CFA, CFP®, shows the uncanny historical parallels between the post-Covid 19 period we are experiencing now and relevant moments well-documented in history, including:

● The Panic of 1914  ●  World War I  
● The Great Influenza  ●  Post-WWI 
● The Great Influenza Inflation ● The Great Inflation of 1968-1982    
● The Dot Com Bubble of 1999-2000 ● The Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009


Learning objectives and highlights of this course include:

  •  Fundamental dynamics of sudden stop financial panics

  •  Fundamental drivers of post-war/pandemic inflation

  •  Principles of monetary policy in a financial crisis

  •  Common side effects of monetary and fiscal policies during major financial crises

  •  Key drivers of Federal Reserve thought process in 2022


Who should attend:

Institutional Investment Plan Trustees
Institutional Investment Consultants
Investment Advisors
Financial Planners
Wealth Managers
Financial Analysts
Securities and Research Analysts



Mark J. Higgins, CFA, CFP®

Author, The Enlightened Investor (Publication May 2023)
Mark has more than 12 years of experience advising large institutional investment plans that had oversight of more than $60 billion. While serving clients, Mr. Higgins discovered that many investment decisions produced suboptimal outcomes because investors were unaware of the consequences of similar events in the distant past. "The Enlightened Investor" recounts the full history of the U.S. financial system and explains the key historical precedents that demystify current events. 






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A Pirate Looks at Forty-One: Lessons from the Rise and Fall of America’s First Funded Pension Plan (December 2021)

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