A Business Case For Advisors Using Social Media

Six of the seven technicians who work for Brian are on the road all day working onsite at advisor offices, working on their networks, fixing computers, and consulting on business processes.

I suggested to Brian that his techs should all be on Foursquare, the geo-location social media application. With Foursquare, you use your smart phone to check in at a place.

The 500,000 or so users are mostly younger people using Foursquare to check in at bars or at the mall.  But there’s no reason why Brian’s technicians can’t check in when they get to an advisory firm’s office and provide an estimate of when he’ll be done with the job he’s working.

That would allow Brian’s dispatcher to view a map displaying where each tech is located at that moment and will become available for his next assignment.

If he really wants to get wild, Brian could expose his tech’s location to his customers. So an advisor can see which of Brian’s techs is coming. If advisory technology consulting firms in the New York metro area also display that info to advisors, then it makes the interaction between advisors and tech consultants more efficient.

That’s one of the things we’re working on at Advisors4Advisors.

Geo-location services and social media are blossoming and changing the way people do business and interact socially.

We are in an incredibly exciting game but it’s only in the first inning. There will be winners and losers.

An advisor must use social media if he is to figure out how to leverage its power.

If social media solutions that will make advisors more efficient are on the horizon, then advisors who understand social media are more likely to be among the winners.   


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