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 advisorsforadvisors blogroll and you write a post about using Section 72(t) of the Internal Revenue Code to take IRA distributions. If another advisor listed on the blogroll writes about what you wrote—clarifying something you said or perhaps disagreeing with you—and links to your blog in his post, your blog’s search engine ranking gets a boost. When a consumer searches the Web for information about Section 72(t), your post is more likely to come up in the search results.

The web of connections among blogs listed on the blogroll on
advisorsforadvisors can be influential in boosting traffic to your blog because the cross-links are based on content. Algorithms used by Google and other search engines place more weight on link popularity when links are based on content, and this  can help boost your  blog’s search engine ranking.

advisorsforadvisors is aggregating advisor blogs, we make it easy for you to see what other advisors are blogging about. This can give you ideas for your own posts or inspire you to start writing your own blog. Moreover, being listed on the blogroll will boost your blog's search engine rankings.

Utilizing the
advisorsforadvisors blogroll to find blogs written by advisors and identify issues you want to post about can be effective way for advisors to bring traffic to your blog. Not only do we list advisor blogs, but we also display the most popular posts on all the advisor blogs included in our blogroll. The list of advisor blogs is part of the "Research" section of the site, which includes blogrolls on 25 topics advisors want to follow.





For example, let’s say your blog is listed on the

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