Dr. Craig Israelsen Engages Advisors In A Dazzling 4.8-Star Rated Webinar About The Investment Accident Waiting To Happen Hot

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Dr. Craig Israelsen, whose life-mission is improving family financial education, engaged advisors deeply, receiving a 4.8-star rating from attendees at this webinar entitled, “The Investment Accident Waiting To Happen.”



Notably, Craig’s new photo shows off his movie-star good looks,  standing in contrast to the professorial look of previous profile photos.


A sharp-eyed attendee commented:


“Andy was right. Craig appears to be much more debonair with his latest look."


Below Craig’s old and new photo, is a 2-minute tease featuring the good-looking professor.  


But Dr. Craig Israelsen is not just another pretty face, as you will learn from his brilliant presentation in which he gives advisors talking points for responding to the criticism they are likely to face for underperforming the S&P 500.
You can purchase the slides for $100. (Give me a day or two to set up the shopping cart.)
If you are not an A4A member, then this one session alone is worth the $60 a year price. I guarantee it!
If you join A4A to hear this session and do not come away feel you'll get your money's worth, we will refund your $60 membership fee -- no questions asked -- for up to 30 days after you signed up. 
At this session, Craig Israelsen dissects a nagging business challenge to IA reps: Whenever U.S. large-caps outperform, prudent advisors look bad because they invest in diversified portfolios. This is not so true when commodities, real estate  or bonds outperform. However, because large-caps are represented by the ubiquitious S&P 500 -- the benchmark people see in newspapers every day -- it poses a special problem. When the No. 1 asset class in the world quarter after quarter for a long period is the S&P 500, some clients are likely to lose patience and insist you load up on US large caps, or some will start working with another advisor who is “more aggressive,” and you won't know until it is too late.
Dr. Israelsen's believes advisors owe clients an obligation to educate clients continually. His way of helping advisors fulfill this obligation is by continually educating clients, a passion we share. So we've teamed up to systematically help you do that.
One of the reason’s Craig and have been drawn to work together for years is because we share a common vision for how advisors can ethically practice and thrive.
Dr. Israelsen’s broadly diversified portfolios can be implemented for 22 bps, and advisors can offer it for 99 bps — under 1%—along with financial planning services. Craig and I believe advisors shoud outsource management of their core portfolios to a systematic program like 7Twelve. By purchasing 7Twelve's portfolio research in a newsletter, you are buying a third party money management service at the price of an online publication. That's a huge savings to you that you can pass along to your clients!
By outsourcing the commoditized aspect of investment management, you free up time to differentiate yourself where it matters -- by providing financial planning services and adding alpha to returns based on your investment strengths, perhaps in the form of private investments, managing a bond or dividend-stock portfolio, or some other niche. Craig and I are collaborating to help advisors scale this kind of practice model. How cool is that? 
Check out comments below from attendees.


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 Comments from attendees:

  • Great!  Will buy slides
  • Reinforced key investing concepts
  • Excellent
  • Asset allocation works with the seven twelve portfolio
  • Compelling argument for being diversified.
  • As usual, Craig did an excellent job!
  • I've heard it before, but wanted to refresh my memory. I enjoyed it.
  • Loved it
  • Great, one of the best yet
  • Very timely and helpful
  • Amazing!
  • Great
  • Excellent
  • Very well done.  I am a firm believer in a similar concept but he presents it so well!
  • GREAT!
  • It was great, really.
  • Excellent
  • I'm a big fan of Craig's model.
  • Good confirmation of a low cost diversification approach that works for all types of clients.
  • Excellent
  • Great as always
  • Excellent
  • Craig is always interesting
  • Good content.  Too much advertising from Andy.
  • One of the best yet
  • I'm SOLD !
  • Great information. Clear, concise. Very good presenter.
  • This was great!  I was really in the dark as to how diversified portfolios did for 2014, and I feel a lot better (and less guilty) now!  I know I do this right, just sometimes carry the burden a bit too much!  I totally agree that an informed investor/client is a better investor/client!
  • Incredibly great.
  • Dr. Israelsen provided excellent analysis and proof to his theory.  Very clearly articulated.
  • Excellent as always.  Very well versed in his philosophy.  Great visuals as well. How do I "hear" the other comments/questions/answers that have come in that Craig will be answering later?
  • Nice, in theory, but, in practice, the ever elusive commodities slice needs further explanation. Craig states Vanguard numbers, but There is no dedicated commodity fund or ETF available at Vanguard, so that needs clarification. I don't think there is such at Fidelity or T. Rowe Price for that matter, either.
  • Andy was right. Craig appears to be much more debonair with his latest look. On a serious note, I remarked during the presentation that this is a matter of discipline. I may have had that same thought in previous webinars presented by Craig. It is really about discipline, and seeing the data, and understanding it. However, all of that is still easier said than done both because of inertia (reluctance to change) and also client resistance and propensity to chase returns (due to too much media focus on S&P).
  • Excellent research and well laid out presentation - Craig, congrats on your personal success (married with 7 children) and your Future at the Boston
  • Marathon! Like raising children, just completing one is quite an achievement!
  • Webinar was great, but I'd like to have them start on time.
  • Excellent.  Always enjoy him
  • Great ideas presented at an opportune time
  • Terrific
  • Too much promo on the front end!
  • Good
  • Great, have some questions


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