Understanding Perspectives Of Global Millionaires Is A Multi-Faceted Key To The Growth Of Your Business Hot

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Eighty-eight percent of those who go abroad to find success were motivated by quality of life and 79% cited family needs. Sixty-seven percent cited business interests as a key motivation.
This means that, not only do you need to learn about and understand the cultural differences that tie these millionaires to their families’ needs, but you also need to understand what attracts them from a global perspective.
Relationships with these clients can become the perfect peer-to-peer client-advisor partnerships.
And most of the millionaires who responded to the survey Wealth through the Prism of Culture and Mobility conducted by RBC Wealth Management and The Economist Intelligent Unit came from wealthy families.
They also spent more than half of their time outside their country of origin and had investments of at least $1 million.
A glimpse into their investments of choice shows that they tend to invest in real estate, precious metals, and global equities.
Thirty-six percent invest in global equities versus only 25% of domestic investors.
Those living in the Asia/Pacific region are bigger real estate investors than their counterparts in North America or Western Europe.
They were also the most likely to leave most of their assets to their families. Those in North America were more likely to leave significant portions of their wealth to charity.
Those including charitable contributions in their estate plans were most influenced by their birth countries; those currently making charitable donations are most influenced by their country of residence.
Geo-political influences and perspectives about next generations also carry significant influences on how people invest and also how they set up their estate and succession plans.

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