How Important Is Your Website? Turns Out, It's Critical To The Growth Of Your Business Hot

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Your website shows whether your firm is on the cutting edge—an ingredient that is becoming more important as investors choose savvy advisors. Your website also shows how your firm values technology.
Services your firm provides, your firm’s philosophy, investment methodology, and blog posts about different topics of interest are absolutely integral to your website’s value.
Web conferencing and secure file-sharing have become must-haves and are the biggest business breakthroughs over the last decade.
These two abilities enable you to share a file through a secure connection with clients all over the world.
You can also meet with these clients face-to-face through a video meeting. Capabilities in video have become crisper and more reliable, opening new relationship building opportunities for advisors across the globe.
Don’t make the mistake of assuming young people are the only ones giving a critical eye to your technology. Older people are the fastest growing segment in technology adoption and use.
Grandparents use Skype to visit with their grandchildren and great-grandchildren on different continents or even within the same state.
Make sure your website looks good on a smartphone. Mobile access to financial information is growing among users of all ages.
You can find more recommendations here for making your website sizzle with interest and become a pivotal tool for growing your business.

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