Storytelling Is A Powerful Tool That Can Be Utilized Face-To-Face, Through A Blog, Or Through A Book Hot

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You’ll be able to motivate your clients by sharing your own dream. And you’ll be more effective at listening to theirs. Stories need to be captivating and inspiring. In a digital age where so-called personal technology can be anything but, people are looking for real connection, not just a sales gimmick or the latest economic news.
They want to know how—or if—that economic news will affect their lives. A well-told story will incorporate the facts as well as apply it to daily life. It will also show your human side and make it easier for your clients to connect with you.
That’s why blogging and writing a book can be so effective. A blog can be a portal for your ideas and for sharing thoughts with your clients. It can help them make sense of what’s going on in the markets and in the economy. And other social media outlets like Twitter and LinkedIn should serve as guideposts that point to your blog. That’s where the meat of online connectivity is.
Writing a book is a great way to build credibility and establish yourself as a thought leader. It's especially effective if you have developed a niche focus for your business.
Regardless of your medium, storytelling is a powerful tool that can change lives. It can help different generations better understand each other’s viewpoints. Younger generations, especially, can tell if your story is disingenuous.
Authentic storytelling can help you quickly establish a higher level of communication with your clients. Being willing to share the ups and downs of your own life will help to add the human element your clients are seeking in their advisory relationships.


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