Pershing Study Shows That Your Website Is Where Clients Get Their First Impression Of You And Of Your Services Hot

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Clients look to you to help them decipher the glut of information that is thrown their way every single day. They want easy-to-understand financial information. They want more online tools and educational materials. Financial planning tools, asset allocation tools, and performance reporting are top tools clients are asking for. And they want those tools in a secure environment.
These findings present a stellar opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing clients (our easiest source of new revenue) and to start high quality interactions with prospective ones right from the first. So if you think websites have become irrelevant, this study shows—at least, in our industry—that they serve one of the most important functions ever: that of the first point of contact with our clients.
A4A has many resources that can help in this area. Andy Gluck’s columns on technology give you the low down on what you need and how you can use it. And now you see that having a high quality website is essential to your business and to your client relationships. It’s not the end all by any means. But it’s a valuable tool that clients expect you to be using and using well.
Utilized in its proper role—as a tool to support client interaction and relationship building and not as the primary contact mechanism—the returns on your technology investment can increase exponentially.

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