Be Attentive And Alert To Create An Exceptional Client Experience

It doesn’t take a lot to create an exceptional experience for a client. Often, it’s a very small thing like going out of your way to make sure a particular need gets met. Timely fulfillment and meeting needs in the way clients want them to be met can set up such an experience. But a little creativity can also distinguish the experience in a way that clients won’t soon forget.
It could mean offering to pick up an elderly family member to bring them to a meeting with the family trust attorney. It could mean taking care of hunger pangs while difficult issues are being resolved.
Often, creativity comes just from good listening. If you listen attentively, you can pick up on client wishes and needs. Being attentive means you get rid of your own agenda. It involves clearing away preconceptions about getting certain results from a meeting. It can also mean putting away prejudices we may have as advisors. These prejudices can include attitudes toward the super wealthy, attitudes toward women or minorities, or blindly supporting a patriarch in imposing his own wishes on a family when we know other family members' attitudes may threaten their fulfillment. Coming through with the unexpected, regardless of its simplicity or complexity, may not only make clients happy; it may make your staff happy, too. And a happy staff makes it easier to create exceptional experiences for clients.

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