Advisors Still Need To Support Clients' Fragile Confidence In The Markets


This time around, the SEI Advisor Network found out that 30% of advisors are optimistic about the new year, with roughly 2 out of 3 expecting the U.S. stock market to return 7% or more in the next 12 months. 


However, they warn that only 3% of those same advisors say the good feelings have spread to their clients.


A month ago, Russell took a poll and uncovered the same thing.


This continued state of affairs doesn't speak well for advisors' efforts to communicate their own rational expectations to clients and prospects. It isn't a matter of cheerleading -- after all, it's the advisor's job to be objective, above both fear and hope -- but simply taking the time to lay out a convincing argument.


Examples and historical context go a long way. And if the data make you think the market will do well this year, go ahead and share your logic with your clients.


Next time, let's see if the poll reveals that advisors and clients are finally back on the same page, where they should be.



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